Saturday, April 17, 2010

Earth Week

Don't forget Earth Week 2010 in Craven County, beginning April 19. We'll be educating 5th graders in Union Point Park, presenting an inspiring program on Living Lands & Waters by Chad Pregracke at 7:00 pm Monday evening at the Tryon Palace Auditorium, and celebrating the 40th anniversary of Earth Day on Thursday, April 22 with proclamations, awards and a news conference. Let's all join forces and become good stewards of the earth.

Rothermel presentation

Tomorrow, April 18, there will be a 300th presentation at 2:00 at First Presbyterian Church. It's a panel presentation on the history of religion in New Bern. Should be interesting. Dr Lauren Winner of the Duke Divinity School will be on the panel along with Nelson McDaniel and Gwen Bryan. COme out and enjoy!

Spring in New Bern

It's Spring in New Bern and the town is lovely. This weekend is the deGraffenried Reunion. These are relatives and decendants of Baron Christopher deGraffenried who founded the City of New Bern in 1710. Approximately 100+ people are here from all over the country and from Bern, Switzerland. It's great to see our Swiss friends we met in Bern in December and to meet new friends. Tonight after the reunion dinner, I'll show the UNC TV video of our trip to Switzerland and Germany along with the video of the Bern-New Bern exibit. It's a wonderful time to renew ties with our mother city and the deGraffenried family.